We are here to help support you and your family and friends in as many ways as we can.

Welcome to Harmony Hospice

As part of our care promise, we want to provide you with a sense of ease and calm by establishing clear and timely communication.

Therefore, in partnership with the Serenity Engage App, we would like to offer you a mobile app that allows you to communicate and collaborate with our care team. Of course, phone calls are always welcome, but we also find that more frequent updates via Serenity have helped family members feel more connected when they can’t physically be there.


To get started, we simply need your name and email address. You can also supply our team with any additional family or friend’s emails and they can also be added to the communication chain. This works especially well for family members who are not local, or who are unable to visit as often as they’d like.


Once we have your email address, we will set up your channel on Serenity, and send you your username and password. It’s that simple.

We are honored to connect you with your loved ones