Bereavement Care

Bereavement Care

Our bereavement program supports not only the patient and families, but also the caregivers and extended kin of the patient. Our new caregiver center is open to all community caregivers to relax, unwind and process their experiences. Once a patient has died, we continue to support their loved ones for over a year with cards, phone calls, letters, and visits.

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Why Harmony Hospice?

Our hospice team understands the bereavement period of grief and loss is different for everyone.  Our philosophy is to honor and support each person individually during this very difficult time.  Our team has specialized training to support the patient and their loved ones.  Our bereavement care begins on admission and continues after the death of the patient.

 Our support includes:

  • Helping family members identify, develop, and utilize healthy coping strategies
  • Providing guidance about decision making
  • Addressing social and spiritual concerns
  • Listening as the family reminisces about the deceased patient
  • Assisting with adjusting to the new environment
  • Facilitating religious/spiritual needs

Bereavement Care Services

At Harmony Hospice we offer bereavement care for all kinds of grief:




Family & Friends